About us

ZecureCode is a company that produces and publishes digital solutions worldwide, from our base in Norway.
The company focuses mainly on the development of mobile applications for the Android platform and professional websites built around WordPress.

ZecureCode AS was founded by Håkon Berntsen in 2016 and is registered as a corporation in Brønnøysundregisteret with organization number 817 812 902 MVA.
The company’s articles of association purposes are: programming services, including development and sale of applications for smartphones, and the operation and development of its own and other companies’ digital solutions.
ZecureCode is part of Zecure Group, building on NorConnect (which was formed from 07.03 to 2002).

Our vision:
ZecureCode’s vision is to impact the world in a positive way by developing innovative – and creative solutions, and promote the idea of an open and freely available online.


Meet the team behind ZecureCode AS

The team behind ZecureCode AS consists of highly skilled programmers, designers and business people from around the world, led by Håkon Berntsen. Together, we can supply every conceivable digital solutions you're able to come up with. We are with you all the way from idea to finished product, and we are passionate about our job and have this field as our personal passion.


Håkon Berntsen